Pincher Creek Foundation

Affordable housing for those in need

Serving our Community since 1960

Community Living

Pincher Creek Foundation manages and administers the following senior and social housing units:

      For Seniors

  • Crestview Lodge –  50  rooms
  • Canyon Manor –    12  one-bedroom apartments
  • Willow Court Cottages –  6  one-bedroom apartments
  • Canyon Manor Cottages – 6  one-bedroom apartments

     For Families

  • Charlotte Street Duplex – 2 three-bedroom apartments
  • Foothills Avenue Duplex – 2 three-bedroom apartments
  • Main Street (896 to 944) – 2 two-bedroom and 6 three-bedroom apartments

      Rental Assistance Benefit     

The Government of Alberta has redesigned its Rent Supplement Program to meet the needs of more Albertans, including working families and those most in need.

Starting April 1 2021, we are accepting applications for the Rent Assistance Benefit. Formerly, the Direct to Tenant Rent Supplement, this long-term benefit will continue to subsidize low income Albertans.

For more information you can visit the government’s website or contact our office.


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Pincher Creek, AB T0K1W0


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